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Your continued support is important to furthering our mission and leveraging the transformative power of early start-up support for Arizona’s brightest bioscience entrepreneurs solving the greatest health challenges of our time.  continue to fill an unmet need in bioscience early-stage funding, training, and mentorship.  Your investment in our work is directly supporting local bioscience entrepreneurs and their highly qualified businesses start up in Arizona and region, and continue to thrive.

To ensure that BioAccel expands its focus on training and supporting Arizona and regional bioscience entrepreneurs, funds are needed to expand and enhance the following programs in great demand. Here are just a few ways your dollars make a huge difference through  tax-deductible giving.

$10,000 supports a series of training and mentoring workshops, speakers and networking opportunities for an entire Arizona university bioscience entrepreneur team to advance commercialization.

$7,500 provides Innovator Sponsorship seed funding for winners of the 2016 Solutions Challenge.

5,000 hosts a PhilanthroCapitalist reception and education salon to engage and educate potential investors and philanthropic supporters of bioscience medical device/technology start-up companies.

$2,500 provides video and online training module support for training bioscience entrepreneurs.

$1,000 enables the Solutions Challenge competition to be promoted to community leaders, fostering greater awareness and engagement in the bioscience medical device and technology sector in Arizona and region.

$500 publishes a BioAccel newsletter e-mailed to more than 1,000 business, government and bioscience leaders.

$100 provides workbooks and support materials for BioAccel’s Entrepreneurial start-up training.

Training and Mentoring Programs for Qualified Bioscience Entrepreneurs

TrainingAccording to a 2014 report, 55 percent of failed startups raised $1M or less, and almost 70 percent of companies died having raised less than $5M overall.  Companies typically die around ~20 months after their last financing round and after having raised $1.3 million.
Companies at the earliest stages are the most vulnerable due to limited financial runway, immature products and businesses and general uncertainty about whether the market needs what they’ve built.  

  • Bioscience Basic Bootcamp 101 Entrepreneur training series including lean launch principles.
  • Bioscience Senior Bootcamp 202 Entrepreneur training series emphasizing regulatory requirements.
  • Web-based training modules for early start-up companies with proven potential.
    • Online web training modules and program scale-up support (promotion, operations)
    • Expert trainer stipends (intellectual property protection, regulatory, speakers)

Discovering and Developing our Bioscience Entrepreneur Pipeline


  • Expand BioAccel’s existing portfolio of new entrepreneur initiatives, as well as efforts to promote and advance BioAccel’s existing companies in the following areas of practice.
    • Dental implant health
    • Gastric/stomach tube feeding risk management
    • Vision improvement, reducing presbyopia and improving near-vision accuracy
    • Maternity health monitoring
    • Hypertension and advances in renal health and safety through minimally invasive procedures
    • Non-surgical skin healing for facial aesthetic procedures and skin rejuvenation
    • Devices that simplify catheter procedures in cardiovascular (heart) surgeries
    • A microsized neuromodulator that reduces back pain without surgery and added risk.
    • A mobile device that monitors and tracks eye movements leading to diagnosis of neurologic disorders such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Traumatic Brain Injuries.
    • Diet monitoring and meal planning through a wearable mobile application.
    • Garments promoting convenience, comfort, and speedy recovery after surgery.
  • Help BioAccel support new, disease –specific medical device and technology company start-ups

BioAccel encourages donor investment for a wide array of bioscience medical devices and technology where market need and rigorous criteria are clearly demonstrated – where improved health and cost reduction might be possible, including opportunities for increased health improvement, clinical productivity, and reduction of risk and death.

With appropriate funding, BioAccel stands ready to provide technical assistance and new venture development for qualifying new projects are driven by marketing needs and philanthropic interest in finding solutions to specific diseases and healthcare challenges.

With donor investment, BioAccel can expand its call to Arizona and U.S. entrepreneurs, challenging innovators to submit their bioscience innovations to address specific medical conditions and diseases including diabetes, obesity, breast cancer, heart attack and stroke, areas of chronic disease, and specific health maladies.

Help us ensure that bioscience innovation

Is helping Arizona and region in Reaching Our Potential!

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