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Apply to Program

BioAccel requires that all of its funding be aimed towards advancing the commercialization of the technology.

Apply to Program


BioAccel has an open application process. Periodically special Calls for Applications will be conducted where resources are dedicated to perform an accelerated review process. The process itself is staged in multiple phases leveraging our network of experts. Expect a confirmation letter the following week of submission.

Qualifying applicants considered for funding will be invited for a panel discussion within 2 or 3 weeks. When all questions from this panel discussion are completed, finalists are invited to present their technology to a larger panel within 5 to 7 weeks. The total time from submission should take up to 12 weeks.

For special Calls for Applications, all submissions will be reviewed 8 weeks from the submission deadline.

BioAccel Does Not Provide Support For:

  • Basic research
  • Non life-science technologies or companies
  • Companies in existence for more than 3 years and/or with a valuation greater than $3 million.

BioAccel Funding Cannot Be Used For:

  • Facilities and administrative overhead costs for academic or research institutions
  • Past debts
  • Litigation expenses

Applicants are assessed based upon the information submitted via our application form. In order for us to perform a complete review it is necessary to attach a business plan at the bottom of the application. We understand that at the early stages of developing the technology and the company it may be difficult to assemble a complete business plan; however, it is important that the submitted plan details

  • An overview of the relevant market;
  • The need in the market your technology addresses;
  • A synopsis of the technology;
  • How the technology fills the need;
  • A plan for reaching the end users of the technology;
  • A financial forecast; and
  • Bios on the team members

In addition, applicants should be prepared with information on how they plan to use the amount of funds requested.

If you are ready to submit an application:

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