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New Venture Development Program (NVDP)

New Venture Development Program (NVDP)

The technologies contained in these new companies are typically too early in development to be attractive to Angel Investors or Venture Capitalists.

New Venture Development Program (NVDP)

This program creates new companies from technologies that have graduated from TAP and show clear business potential. The Level 2 Program supports early stage companies like these. The criteria for an early stage company is as follows:

Time required for funding to be processed 90 days
Estimated Funding for companies below 3M valuation only Up to 300,000
Project Completion Timeline Less than 3 years operation time

At this stage, BioAccel may provide assistance in launching the company (if necessary), forming the management team, identifying facilities, and providing mentorship for the entrepreneur through the initial stages of the company formation.

Forming Management Team: Creating an excellent work culture at an initial stage of the company sets the company to the road to success. BioAccel gives guidance and best practices required to set up an efficient management team for effective functioning of the company.

Providing mentoring to the Entrepreneurs: According to today's statistic the major reason that start-ups fail to day is because they do not know what the customers want. At BioAccel, we guide entrepreneurs to see the rational business perspective of their product. We help entrepreneurs identify their market demands and make better decisions.

Identifying facilities: We all know that one of the most expensive form of investment in United States is health care. The facilities created to in order to provide high standard treatments to the customer require exceptional amount of funding. However, our incubator, BioInspire, is a state-of-art facility that allows a company to carry out its various research or testing.

*Applications for BioAccel programs are solicited from public and private research programs, early stage companies, and entrepreneurs. To increase the chances of funding projects whose technology will ultimately be commercialized, the external review process includes criteria that assess applications in an objective manner. An independent ad-hoc review committee of scientific, industry, financial, and business subject matter experts review applications and recommend projects to be funded