What We Do



The Technology Advancement Program (TAP)

This program provides proof-of-concept funding and mentoring support services so that aspiring entrepreneurs/founders can translate their biomedical discoveries from bench to bedside.

New Venture Development Program

This program provides seed funding to entrepreneur founders who have graduated from Solutions Challenge and TAP. Funding may cover start-up expenses such as regulatory compliance, engineering, intellectual property, interns, facilities, lab space, clinical trials and other fundamental elements otherwise cost-prohibitive for small bioscience businesses.

Student Entrepreneur Training and Mentoring at Universities

BioAccel's student training and mentoring programs at partnering universities are designed to accelerate the translation of novel scientific advances and discoveries into commercially viable products and devices that specifically improve patient care and advance public health.

Solutions Challenge

BioAccel's Solutions Challenge is an annual, market-driven, industry-sponsored competition that pits aspiring entrepreneurs and their technologies against today's most compelling healthcare needs.