BioVenture Services

BioVenture Services (BVS), LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of BioAccel a 501(c)3 non-profit organization headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona ( Drawing on the extensive knowledge and experience of BioAccel, the mission of BVS is to provide high quality technology commercialization services and related technical assistance to Government agencies,  academic and other research performing institutions, entrepreneurs, and early stage companies.  BVS’ technology and industry focus is primarily in the biotechnology and medical technology (Medtech) sectors.

The typical clients of BVS are the following:

  • Research Institutions
  • Universities
  • Medical Centers
  • Technology Investment firms
  • Early stage bioscience companies
  • University faculty
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Government agencies
  • Incubators/Accelerators

Our  services include basic Technology Transfer functions that insure the efficient evaluation, management, and protection of new discoveries in a government compliant manner (e.g. reporting to NIH’s Edison system which is required by NIH grantees), to the full evaluation and commercialization of discoveries through company creation, regulatory support and product development.

BVS brings decades of front line experience in Technology Transfer and Commercialization at federal, state and local levels. BioAccel has built an extensive network of domain experts and Key Opinion Leaders in the biomedical field. Additionally, we have an unusual understanding of unmet clinical needs and vehicles for solution that can be beneficial in building and expanding links between clinical activities and research programs.

Our First-Tier services address all traditional technology transfer activities that a grant funded research institution would require for the protection, management, and exchanges of Intellectual property that result from the research enterprise. This includes collaborations with outside organizations and the mitigation of potential liability to the Institute.

Our Second Tier Services provide a level of analysis that assists the client in determining viable commercial opportunities.  Our Third Tier Services provide commercialization assistance for early stage bioscience companies